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Inspiration: How I Found Beauty Among This Season of Ashes

Hi there! I have an awkward confession to share with you. I prayed the same prayer for five years and it was answered through the pandemic! There...I said it; and it feels good to get it out. During this time of uncertainty and despair, I found beauty among the ashes.

As I previously mentioned, I prayed to GOD for five years with the same prayer. At one point, I started to doubt my request; not his ability. I wanted to come home full time. My current job allows me to work from home three days a week; and I am thankful. However, I wanted to work from home five days a week. On a daily basis, I juggle multiple roles and responsibilities to include wife, mother, homeschool teacher, caretaker, cook, Sunday school teacher, project manager; and the continues. Before the pandemic, there were days when I would cry in my car from exhaustion, trying to be strong to check the tasks off in my cute, stickered-filled planner. It was during those times when I cried out to GOD the most. I knew he heard me, but I did not know how; or when my answer would come.

In March 2020, the world began to shut down, because of the pandemic. International borders closed, economies crashed; and sickness increased. It was during this time that my blessings were revealed. I was able to work from home full time. As a result of closures and cancellations, I was able to rest more. My family spent more time together enjoying homemade meals, game night and movies. I was also able to save more and spend less. Our homeschool day became a little more robust. It was all coming together! There was beauty among the ashes. How blessed and overjoyed I became; even when the national news might not have sounded so promising. There were days when I was giddy with the knowledge that I had an empty calendar and a full heart. My prayer had been answered.

The good news is most of us can find beauty among the ashes, if we start to replace our complaints with thanks! I encourage you to start journaling. Every day write down something you are thankful for. This will give you a focus of gratitude. I am here to tell you; GOD answers prayers and the funny thing is that most of the time the answers will never come the way we envision. No matter how tough your current situation is, continue to seek HIM. Rest in knowing all things are possible with GOD. You probably already knew that and just needed my encouragement. Stay on the road, continue to pray, and remember there is always beauty among the ashes!

Blessings! - MonumentMom

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