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Tales from the BLOG: Vol.1, Ep.1

Greetings, Capital Area Christian Homeschool Group! Happy October!

This newsletter has been compiled for the reflection of the first few weeks.

  • September 8th was orientation/ welcoming new members to our CACHG family. Parents and kids had the time to socialize and students were able to meet their teachers. It was a blast seeing everyone after a long virtual school year!

  • September 15th was our first day of co-op for the 2021-2022 school year! Mrs. Charlie introduced the concepts of the Fruit of the Spirit campaign during our morning meeting before dismissal. Our Bible verse for the month of September was Galatians 5:25-26. The fruit we focused on was KINDNESS, which was represented by a pineapple.

  • September 22nd: This week was documented using pictures to give a visual representation of our third week of co-op. Pictured Below: The OG teams working on their group projects for the month of September; the 9-11’s group participating in PE with Mrs. Janet; Music class with Mr. Beaudry; Mrs. Charlie with Michael Platt; and a nature walk.

  • September 28th: Our last week of co-op in the month of September, was an awesome day because we welcomed the Platt family, our guest speakers. They were scheduled 45 minutes to talk to the OG group and some of the parents about who the Platts are as a family, what they stand for, and encouraging other families to do the same. The 45 minutes turned into three hours of fellowship and thought provoking conversations such as “what is my purpose in life?” Danita and DeMaryo Platt, as well as their sons Michael and Gabriel gave their stories about their journey of discovering your purpose and potential. Gabriel offered advice and encouragement to keep living life to its fullest potential, and Michael talked about realizing what you're passionate about and then turning that into helping and bettering the lives of others.

  • October 6th: First week of Noah being a reporter happens to be the 3rd week of school. I mean you can't really report when you don't come to the job the first few weeks. But its time to play catch up. Nick's team project is almost done. They have a 3d model that...admittedly is a work in progress. But who am I, a reporter, to say? To be quite honest I could do no better. Seems everyone else is doing well on their projects. One of the main things is that I missed the public speaker but that was covered by my partner Mara. But I'm still personally working on my costume for the party by the end of the month. Wonder what everyone else is going as? But that's for later so stay tuned! This is Noah Signing off. Goodnight folks!

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